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Mango sublimated by a hint of mint.

PG/VG : Full PG - 00mg

Longfill : You will have to add base or boosters to vape this liquid****

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This Longfill vial has a capacity of 60ml, but is only filled with 20ml of flavour concentrate. It allows you to make your DIY directly in the vial.

To use it, simply fill the free space with base and/or nicotine booster(s). It will then be necessary to mix the whole and let your vial rest for 5 to 10 days to allow the different substances to fuse.

Depending on the ratio of PG/VG in your concentrate, you will have to choose your booster and base accordingly. The higher the PG is in your concentrate, the more you will have to favor the VG for the rest, and vice versa.

Our tips to fill your longfill in the best way

Depending on the desired nicotine dosage, one or more boosters should be added. Here, with a 60ml vial filled to the height of 20ml, here are the possible dosages :

  • Without nicotine, complete your vial with 40ml of base.
  • For about 03mg of nicotine, add 1 booster and complete with base.
  • For approximately 06mg of nicotine, add 2 boosters and complete with base.
  • For about 09mg of nicotine, add 3 boosters and complete with base.
  • For about 12mg of nicotine, add 4 boosters.